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Remote IT Support

We deliver remote IT Support to most of our customers. This means we can provide 24-hour remote IT Support for those businesses that require this service. Remote Support is provided with our Managed Service Agreement and infrastructure management tools or PAYGO service. 

How do we provide Remote IT Support?
Once you have been onboarded onto one of our service agreements you will be connected directly to our remote management tools. If you are a PAYGO customer we can gain remote access via manually installed management software. With user consent, we can remotely take over the device of the end user who has logged the ticket. This enables us to provide fast, efficient support without additional delay.

Our remote support connection is highly secure and encrypted preventing anyone else from seeing or accessing that device other than the specified user and engineer, and for added reassurance once the remote support session ends, we are unable to reconnect to a device without a new session being started.

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