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Managed IT Services

What is Managed IT Support & Our Focus on Quality

We can remotely manage your IT infrastructure environment and proactively respond to your technology needs. Just like having a member of staff present.

So if you are looking for Managed IT Services in Middlesex, our Managed IT Support Services are effective for businesses looking to transform their business using the knowledge and expertise of a technical person. Our Managed Service is skilled to implement the latest technology and can support both Windows and Mac networks.


What are the benefits of a Managed Service?
If you are an SME looking to outsource your IT, Managed IT Service can offer you the expertise and reliability for a fixed monthly cost that will benefit both the business provider and the end user.

Remote Monitoring and Management (24hr 7d 365y)

We provide proactive monitoring of endpoint clients, networks and computers, both cloud based and on-premises.

Managed Anti-Virus (24hr 7d 365y)

A fully managed anti-virus provision maximises protection against hard to detect threats for both known & potential viruses. We use the best in class software that performs with excellence. It provides high accuracy levels minimising false positives, so you can be assured that you have reliable protection in place to prevent unwanted attacks.

Real time monitoring and behavioural scanning complement the protection and ensure that even the most sophisticated of threats are shut down before they become an issue to your business.

Along with scheduled deep scans and real time updates, this service is fully managed remotely by our service desk so your productivity won’t suffer.

Managed Remote Access (24hr 7d 365y)

So, once you have been onboarded, the majority of your IT Support will be via a remote connection directly to an Engineer. With user consent, we can remotely take over the device of the employee who has logged the ticket. This enables us to provide fast, efficient support without additional delays as our Engineer can access everything they need to resolve the fault, directly on your device.

Managed Backup & Recovery (24hr 7d 365y)

Keeping your data safe has never been easier, thanks to our managed backup and disaster recovery service. Our hybrid cloud offering is directly connected to your equipment, enabling us to manage and monitor your precious data. This gives us the ability to backup and recover not just files, but also applications and even machines, while also supplying constant protection for both virtual and physical machines.

If you employ Digit Computers as your online backup and recovery manager, you can rest assured and feel confident all sensitive data is kept safe. You can also relax knowing you’re deploying a simple, predictable and efficient solution. Best of all is the affordable nature of our platform. 

Microsoft 365 Cloud Services

Working together with Microsoft 365 for Business 

If you’re searching for the best collaboration tool in the cloud, look no further than Microsoft 365. It supplies both familiar and flexible collaboration tools, which can be used across teams, devices, and platforms.

The most impressive feature of Microsoft 365 is the ability to work from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office, at home, or on a train, Microsoft 365 has you covered, online or offline on a wide range of office and mobile devices. 

The secure nature of Microsoft 365 is another enticing benefit. It supplies you with full control over your data security. In addition, privacy compliance, transparency, and advanced user controls are built directly in the system.

Our Microsoft 365 Managed Services
There are many reasons to purchase Microsoft 365 directly from Digit Computers. Once you have made the transaction, you will be added to your Microsoft 365 portal via our cloud service provider.

As part of our Microsoft 365 management package, cloud migration is provided to any business that features 50 or more mailboxes. The migration process is completed via the Fast Track centre, which is a free feature offered by Microsoft for Customers with eligible subscription. Let us take on the task, there is a lot less risk moving over to the cloud for your business.