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Computer Repair & Install Services

Repairs (**PAYGO)

  • On-site visits

  • Remote Computer Support

  • Laptop screen damage replacement

  • Memory upgrades

  • Virus/spyware/malware removal

  • Water damage repair

  • Hard drive upgrades

  • Laptop battery replacement

  • Laptop Screen repairs

  • Motherboard & logic board repairs

  • Slow computer

  • Email issues

  • Online safety

Installs (**PAYGO)

  • On-site visits

  • Newly purchased systems

  • Hard drive upgrades

  • WiFi extenders

  • *FREE Cloud data backup

  • *FREE Anti-Virus

Remote Computer Support

Health Check

Health Check!

Computer Repairs Ickenham
Computer Repairs Ruislip
Computer Repairs Northwood
Computer Repairs Northolt

Service Area in Uxbridge

Uxbridge is known for the second world war Battle of Britain Bunker which was a secret underground operations room for the RAF in World War 2.

*Free to download and access from the provider

** Pay As You Go

Computer Repairs Uxbridge

Digit Computers is your number one choice for affordable, reliable and local computer repairs in Uxbridge.

Established in 2005, we have over a decade of real experience in the sector and are adept at implementing both hardware and software solutions across all the major brands - whether remotely or on-site.

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