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Service Area in Ickenham

Digit Computers is your number one choice for affordable, reliable and local computer repairs in Ickenham.

Established in 2005, we have over a decade of real experience in the sector and are adept at implementing both hardware and software solutions across all the major brands - whether remotely or on-site.

Computer Repairs Ickenham

Repairs (**PAYGO)

  • On-site visits

  • Remote Computer Support

  • Laptop screen damage replacement

  • Memory upgrades

  • Virus/spyware/malware removal

  • Water damage repair

  • Hard drive upgrades

  • Laptop battery replacement

  • Laptop Screen repairs

  • Motherboard & logic board repairs

  • Slow computer

  • Email issues

  • Online safety

Installs (**PAYGO)

  • On-site visits

  • Newly purchased systems

  • Hard drive upgrades

  • WiFi extenders

  • *FREE Cloud data backup

  • *FREE Anti-Virus

Remote Computer Support
Health Check!
Computer Repairs Ickenham
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Computer Repairs Northwood
Computer Repairs Northolt

Computer Repair & Install Services

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